Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dudes, I did it: 139 baby. And not like 139.8 but 139.2. I am starving 24/7 right now but I am thrilled to be in the 130s. Even if it is at the top of the 130s! Rock on.

Miss Pancake seems to have something going on with her. She has a gooey eye and has been super fussy and unhappy the past day or two. It is hard to say if this is just normal 2 month old stuff or that she has something more going on. I am hoping for the normal 2 month stuff. We shall see tomorrow.

My dog. Ugh my dog. Santana - the first and forgotten baby. He is sick too. They thought it was a bladder infection but after a full round of antibiotics he is still peeing all over our house and it is YUCK bloody pee. I feel rotten for the little guy and yet the vet bill was close to $200 two weeks ago. GAH.

The market is insane and scary and holy hell how did we get here as a nation. I saw a bumper sticker today that made me smile. It said 1.20.09. I had to get super close to the poor car in front of me to read below that number. It said "Bush's last day in office." Now I can only pray that politically speaking we pick the right people to take care of the mess we are currently in. sigh.

I am reading a book called Milk Memos. At first it made me look forward to going back to work in some ways. Then this evening for no reason as I was nursing Miss Pancake and reading the book I started to cry my eyes out. It made me realize returning to work will be no easier this time.

I am tired and going to bed now but I must upload the photos of M tomorrow. They are from the trial run of his costume and these crazy new slippers we bought for him.


jennifer said...

Just an FYI from personal experience, sometimes bloody pee can be a sign of diabetes. Is that something your vet has checked for? Has Santana been drinking more than normal? Can you tell if he is straining when 'voiding'? Also, diabetes is totally controllable in our babies - my cat gets insulin shots twice a day & even though she's a handful it's totally doable. Maybe you can call & see if they did the bloodwork to check for it? GOOD LUCK!

melissa said...

Hooray for the weight loss! Sorry that Santana is having problems. Even though I complain about and generally dislike my dogs most of the time I still don't like to see them sick or hurt. The Milk Memos...isn't it awesome! When I first started reading it I felt like they had perfectly captured exactly how I felt about returning to work.

K and J's mom said...

YOU ROCK! Ahhh, 130's...I think I remember those days...uh, back in COLLEGE! (and that was after the college weight gain...holy yikes what has happened to me?) You. plain. old. rock. and. suck. (ha!) Thanks for the great read tip. I need something nice to read if I ever finish Tony Dungy's book (which is AWESOME, I just never make time to read) Sorry to hear about Santana..whenever Molly got hurt last summer all my guilt about how she is SOOO neglected now set in. Hope Santana gets better soon!!!! And Hope baby girl feels better soon too!!!