Friday, September 26, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I have had a lot to say but not a lot of time to write. This week was sort of sucky but in a good way... is that possible? Yeah well that is what it was. Nothing out right bad happened. Mostly it was just a long tiresome week. I think a big part of this had to with the in laws leaving. Their visit went well. Mostly because they totally held Miss Pancake and played with Matthew 24/7. I managed to accomplish absolutely nothing when they were here of course. Like work, umm I have not done a lick of work in four weeks. I am struggling with this but hopefully once the nanny starts working part time next week I can get back on track. I am still trying to slog my way through thank you cards for gifts and meals that people gave us for Miss Pancake's birth and the birth announcements have gone out to all US residents but the Canadians... well thankfully the in laws came because they still would not have received their announcement.

I really need to figure out what clothes I can wear. I walked into Kroger yesterday wearing a billowy maternity shirt and pants and I was like CRAP I look like crap, officially. It has been 8 weeks and I have lost 30 lbs so I think I should be able to find some shirts to fit me that do not show off the 20 lbs I still have to lose and yet are not the shirt I was wearing because it was the only thing that barely fit me when I was 9 months preggo, right!? We are going to the outlets tomorrow morning... I have high hopes to get some clothing for me. We shall see. On a related random note - K and I both started working out again. However the stressful week made us cave and run to Kroger for ice cream. THE GUILT... See I have a lot to say but nothing important. Annoying. Here are some new things:

M is totally into super heroes and we play super hero games incessantly. He is going to be Batman for Halloween. He also tried to talk me into letting him wear his batman shirt two days in a row. Alright, I already let my kid dress himself which makes his look like I do not care what he is wearing (for the record I do but I cannot stop him from choosing the bright green athletic shorts and the light blue surfer shirt on top with the orange crocs and red Canada hat, kay?! That is all HIM and omg he is SO a product of his father ;)

M is getting this reading thing. He digs it. He is actually getting good at it. Most of it is memorization. He has memorized several books, he likes us to change the words in the books so he can tell us the right words and he has been getting the whole phonics thing. He is super curious about sounding things out - he will say c, c, c-at. I place this solidly on Word World and Super Why. These two shows kick ass.

M is randomly into Fireman Sam. A really bad Scottish (???) show. I hate it personally but he likes it and wants to play fireman all the time now.

Miss Pancake has bad gas. From me. Talk about parental gas. I know woe is me too much milk and a let down that could shoot a can off a fence but it really does suck. Yes, my kids gain weight easily and I could likely nurse 4 kids at once as well as nurse for five years and never see a difference in my milk production but have you ever dealt with a baby who had gas issues brought on by you? She sobs (REAL TEARS NOW TOO), kicks, bleats, hits (unintentionally of course) and this is all day these days. Gas relief stuff which worked fairly well with her brother does not seem to make a difference for her. I am going to start to pump this weekend. I am hopeful that taking a bottle will help her. I know M stopped having so many issues with gas after around 6 months but really he had these problems until we really started any solid around 8 months. SO I have lots to look forward to in the coming months.

In the same vein, I found some great articles/web sites about over producing milk that helped me to feel like less of freak then I did with Matthew. I felt terrible complaining to anyone about my milk supply because I know a lot of people struggle with even being able to breast feed. For the record, I am less frustrated this time. Because I knew how it was going to be for me. I hoped that Miss Pancake would deal better with it then M did and it seemed like things were going well until last week when she started struggling A LOT.

Since I bitched a bit here are some random photos to go along with my random thoughts:

Sibling Love

M and his favorite things: television, Bluesie (the dog doll) and his blanket


More smiles for the camera

This could either be titled "Santana protecting Miss Pancake" OR "HEY I USED to be your favorite, what the HELL happened?"


Jen said...

Miss Pancake is so cute!!

el-e-e said...

Oh, wow, that yellow blanket looks so cuddly. To say nothing of the BABY! Heaven!

melissa said...

I'm glad you've found some good info about your oversupply issues! Pancake is SO cute! Love the pic with the dog.