Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I forgot.

Okay, can you freaking believe I forgot this in my previous post??!?! I mean I completely forgot about this and then for some reason it just dawned on me. I am a freak show.

WE SOLD OUR HOUSE. Yup. This happened over the weekend - the offer/counter offer thing and they accepted our offer. We got the word late last night from Dan Dan the Realtor Man. Hooray for Dan!

I cannot believe it. Mixed feelings but mostly glad that we do not need to carry two mortgages! We so need to get over there and clean that place up before the inspection and dang, now we need to go dig that rose bush out sooner rather then later (the rose bush my mom gave to me on her visit and for some reason I have grown oddly attached to it. I think it has something to do with the state of our relationship...)

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