Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was just checking my e-mail and I get this one from BabyCenter.com about the development of your child. This week was your 23 month old - week 2. Basically it says "Has your toddler started referring to himself by his name or maybe the pronoun "I"? If so, this is an important clue that he fully understands he's a separate person from you." And indeed Matthew does refer to himself as "I" or Matthew. In fact, last night we were doing our bed time routine of brushing his teeth - okay more like I put the toothpaste on the brush and Matthew sucks it off then I proceed to brush his teeth for him. It is the effort that counts, right? RIGHT?! Matthew leaned in closely to the mirror, rubbed his checks, looked at both sides of his face and declared "Matthew". Then he leaned back a little and said "Matthew" in a very satisfied way. All I could think was "Ohmigawd, when did my two year old go from two to teenager!?!??!" He just looked like such a big boy saying this...

Then I get this damned reminder in my in box about how my child knows he is now a separate person from me - how dare he! And mostly when did that happen?! Just last year at this very time - he could not live without me, we nursed and snuggled and now he is getting molars and saying Matthew in that very grown up way!

On a side note, my feet hurt like h-e double hockey sticks from the move. I just realized I was walking like an arthritic person across our office - hmm, a sign of things to come? Let's hope not.

Also, another pound down! Whew hoo. Okay and I am serious about that tape worm because I have not really being doing anything different per say. I lightened back up on the meat consumption (I used to be really into being a veg head but lost most of that commitment when I was preggo b/c the midwife told me it would help my iron levels to eat more protein.) And I am trying to eat healthier (if that is possible...) snacks and less of those snacks. But come on I eat apples, pears and carrots as snacks. Plus I started exercising but for real like two days a week for about 45 minutes and nothing serious as I mentioned (no marathons or Everest in my future, I promise you that!) Who knows maybe that is all it will take - seems amazing to me either way.

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