Monday, March 26, 2007

One more thing.

129, baby! I have not been under 130 since the third month of pregnancy. I thought it was a fluke at first but I did it. I am under and have been consistently for a whole week! I am SO freaking unbelievably excited... I even put on a pair of capri's that were too tight last year and they fit, loosely! OMG. OMG. OMG. I am down to a size 8, though not quite able to fit into most of the clothing in my closet from pre-pregnancy... I am actually looking forward to losing more weight, getting fit and looking/feeling good again :0

I’m feeling really good about this! The progress I have made is actually exciting! I know this isn’t on the level of say running a marathon or climbing Mt. Everest, but I am just proud, I guess. Until recently I thought I had lost it - the willpower to actually care about losing weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle because let's face it, I had other more important things to attend to. Not even a scary trip to the ER last year with heart pains set me straight! I have started this fight several times before but literally just ran out of steam (ha, no pun intended) to do it over the past two years... For me this is a good thing and it just reminds me that all things happen in good time. That if I would have pushed to lose the weight or get healthy before now that I would not have been ready. I am ready now and it is actually fun and exciting!


jennifer said...

That's SO exciting!! CONGRATULATIONS!! And isn't it easy to say "I'm doing this for the baby"? The main thing I do that with is 2% milk but I've been vocal lately about stating when he's on milk himself I will go back down to 1% - it's going to be tough though cause I love my 2%! When I first did WW, that was the thing that made a huge difference, I believe I lost a lot of my 20 lbs. because of my milk intake...

Welcome to our World said...

Hey! There you are!!! Thank you for the kind words on the other blog. I love that you love that and I also love that we are still in touch as well! Ah, love fest :)

Okay, so I wrote another entry about weight because I am so damned impressed with the difference the little things have done. I mean another freaking pound and I am barely trying. It is going to be that last five that is going to kick my ass isn't!?!?

I totally stay away from things like milk with any percentage for just that reason. Skim milk it is even though it tastes like shit! I am total dairy addict! I do not let myself have cheese to often or else it becomes heart cloggingly dangerous.

However life is short so do not expect me to obsess over this forever. Just something to entertain myself for the time being - then I will move on to some other thing to obsess about!