Monday, March 26, 2007

Moved, Check.

We did it. We moved this weekend. We survived (though sadly that picture I shrink wrapped did not...) The house is organized chaos at best but we are fully loaded into the new house (photos to follow some day soon - please don't hold your breath because it will hurt...)

Kevin survived moving with his father. I survived 10 whole days with Kevin's dad. And poor Matthew well he is still alive and we did not forget him at the old house. Matthew and the dogs seem the most effected by the move. Matthew knew something was up on Wednesday and Thursday and this was reflected in his sleep. He also cried and wandered happily about at regular intervals and any time we tried to direct him to something other then what he wanted to do (which was usually dangerous like touching the above mentioned broken picture or running toward the street with me screaming 'no' behind him) there was hell to be paid.

Matthew is still cutting that molar (much less exciting then a few days ago) and he either has a little cold or allergies but he was one unhappy kid. Now I know why they say life changes for a toddler can be met with resistance... Matthew stayed up progressively later through out the weekend much to our chagrin. On Saturday, he was up till Midnight. Yes, mommy and daddy wanted to tear our hairs out one at a time, folicle by folicle, while in tears and gently rocking back and forth in the corner murmuring quietly about God knows what... Moving on.

Matthew will survive. He is still getting used to his new surrounding and will declare at random "NEW HOUSE" and then ask about "home" sadly. He misses the old place. The dogs are totally in a kerfluffle (this is my fav word in the world though I doubt it is a real word but who cares, it is fun fun fun to say!) They do not know what to do which is a good thing for us because they have actually been behaving. The bottom line: we moved and we survived. We love the new house. It is, as I jokingly told my boss this morning, "posh"!

BTW, I did cry twice at the old house. I was in Matthew's room after we emptied it out and I just thought about all that happened in that room - it was like a picture show (yeah, yeah movie for you modern types...) in my head. I was sad. Then Kevin and I were getting the last of the stuff late on Saturday night and I started crying all over again. I said that is exactly where Matthew took his first steps... Excited to move, sad to leave the place where so many marvelous memories were created in such a short time... So moving was hard on ALL of us.

I am going home at noon to hang out with Matthew and further get to know our new house. Clean, unpack and relax - that is the plan any how... We still need cable (the cable guy is coming and Henry is there to meet and greet him...), DSL (must have Internet NOW) and someone to pick up our garbage.

Oh and holy shit I almost forgot in all the excitement of moving - we have an offer. A decent 'we hope they take the counter offer' offer. That means we would not have to carry two mortgages AT ALL. I will keep you posted on that subject as it happens.

Have to run, wasting time at work when I should be working.

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