Thursday, March 22, 2007


Pepper-poopy, you ask? Well, it is not likely to be added to Webster's any time soon (although it does seem that anything goes these days - think bling and phat...) I digress.

So picture it... we are eating dinner last night. That is Kevin, myself, Matthew and Kevin's father (for those of you keeping track - that's right he is stilllllll here...) I made pizza. We buy these yummy crusts from the local co-op. I wish I could remember the name because they are so good!

At any rate, I made one cheese for those of us who do not eat meat and one pepperoni pizza for those who do. Usually I only offer Matthew cheese pizza because one time he stuffed like 8 pepperonis in mouth and woke up in the middle of the night having a bad dream. So I nixed the pepperoni consumption from that pt forward. So Matthew is happily eating his salad (yes, he likes salad. Kinda weird but I guess they have salad at school and he seems to like it, so I offer it when we have salads...), cold pinto beans (gross sounding but he loves 'em) and cheesy pizza.

He has always been way more interested in what Kevin and I have to eat then what is on his plate and as long as we all have the same thing he is okay but if we have something different then he wants to try it. Not so bad for those keeping count of how hard it can be to feed a toddler at times.

Well, Matthew checked Daddy and Grandpa's pizza and declared he wanted some. We said 'oh you want some pepperoni pizza?" to which he nodded his darling little head and shrieked 'PEPPER-poopy'. No joke. We all fell out of our chair laughing. Apparently this is a word Matthew cannot say properly yet. We were mighty impressed when he said watermelon, yellow and spaghetti perfectly - he even said salutation one day (don't ask, I was randomly throwing out weird words and he was repeating them...)

Next time you are thinking of having some pizza - please be sure to order some pepper-poopy pizza!

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