Friday, September 7, 2007

Freaky Friday Questions

Why oh why do I insist on buying $3.00 coffee from Starbucks when it tastes like shit? (Even with shots of sugar free cinnamon dolce...) Ah, because they have a drive-thru and the other places in town do not... and they have organic chocolate milk that I placate my 2 yr child with (hey, it is 1% milk and it is organic...)

Why do I try to get my child to wear other shoes besides his "crocs"? Because I paid a lot of money for those other sandals but omg do they put crack on those crocs because my kid would sleep in 'em if we let him.

Why do I bother going to doctor for green snot? Hmm, well Matthew is not really sick but we'll give him some antibiotics... BUT it might be (ACK) allergies. Sniff sniff, what the hell? All those breast feeding books suck and lie about the benefits of breastfeeding and allergies... She says as she remembers the sleepless nights & the thoughts that this kid will be allergy free until he dies that kept her doing it...

Why did I just refer to me as she/her? Because I losing my mind and cannot wait to have a vacation.

Do you wonder if I am sticking to a weight loss plan as I have discussed multiple times here on this very blog? Well, even if you do not care, I am not sticking to any plan and, in fact, I am paying a lot of money for Weight Watchers but cannot seem to get my lazy fat ass off the couch to exercise and I am still eating what seems like a gallon of ice cream a week. Can we say "she is SO weak" together. I suck (and I totally dread the weigh in this week...) Oh yeah and speaking of organic - this week I managed to eat an entire box of organic peanut butter cookies... THEY WERE ORGANIC so they don't count, right?!

Why am I going to Canada next week? To spend QT with my in-laws, buy some Canadian shit for less (here's hoping the dollar is weak? Or strong... whatever - the one that makes buying Canadian shit cheap), go to the wedding of people I hardly know so I can chase my child around while my husband gets drunk with his old buddies and I can feel wildly uncomfortable and out of my element, I LOVE POTHOLES, AND (drum roll please) it will be cool there (58 baby! YAHOO FOR ME!)

How old does Matthew look to you? Because some lady at the doctor's office with her little baby and four year old daughter asked me today "so is your son here for his 3 or 4 year check up?" HE IS 29 months old, people. He is my BABY still.... holy shit. She followed that up by "my he is a big boy." She says wailing at the top of her lungs (She being me...)

Why am I so excited for the fall? Well, I love sweaters (oh you wait I will be bitching about the sweaters come January - I am fickle like that...), I love fall leaves - kicking them, playing in them, taking pictures of them (dammit I better have that new camera by then...), I like the smells of fall, I cannot wait to take a knife to a pumpkin or ride on the wagon to get the pumpkin (even though it makes my eyes red and itchy - freakin' allergies... ONE guess: I was NOT breast fed. Damn genetics and allergies...) and it will BE COOLER baby!

Do I love my new shirt from the Gap? YES. I have no idea what European fit means but this shirt made my entire week!

Why am I asking all these questions? Because I do not feel like writing about anything deep or important and it is FRIDAY, hip hip hooray!

What are you doing this weekend? I am cleaning our bathroom (have been saying that for weeks, I know...), laundry, packing, cleaning, eating (not eating ice cream or PB cookies, I swear...), working (because I am not working right now) and sleeping (oh please oh please oh please), ohhh and finishing Million Dollar Baby. What a great flick! But seriously what are you doing this weekend?

Happy Friday my friends!


Tessie said...

I feel the same way about Starbucks. If 7-11 had a drive-thru I would go there for my coffee, but alas, convenience rules when you have a toddler in the car.

I don't have anything totally AWESOME planned for the weekend, but I do have about 10 DVRd episodes of Good Eats. So that's something.

Kate's mom said...

Well, so much for our plans. K woke up with a cold this morning. No big deal, right? But now it has turned into a cold with a fever, little to no nap, and a whiney two year old who wants to do NOTHING but sit on Mommy's lap (well, where Mommy's lap USED to be...) I do love the sudden, undivided attention of my kiddo, but am sad to cancel our plans for the evening which included MUCH NEEDED social time with other parents. At least I get to look forward to tomorrow evening when I am going to dinner/movie with a few girlfriends I used to work with. (I know, I know, dangling preposition and all that...) Hope you guys get some sleep! And enjoy that vacation next week!

rudecactus said...

Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

jennifer said...

We have drive-thru Dunkin' Donuts here!! I hate Starbucks but love my some Dunkin'! The only coffee I brew at home is the Tim Horton's - pick some up in Canada :)

Jen said...

Have a great time in Canada! Love, love, love the Gap shirt by the way. Soo cute!

Welcome to our World said...

Tessie: Mmm, Good Eats. LOVE LOVE LOVE that show.

Kate's Mom: I am sorry you were not able to attend. We missed you :( Hopefully we can do it some time soon. Kevin and I were talking about it - perhaps after the little guy arrives?!

rudecatus: Hi! Sounds like a nice time was had by all!

Jennifer: Not sure about the hype of TH but we get it every time we go and we usually end up with some TH from K's parents. Also, apparently my Uncle works for TH so if you ever want any I am sure I sure I swindle some for you! No Dunkin' Donuts in small ville here... Though I hear good things about it from many!

Jen: Thanks! Hope all is well - can't wait to hear what about the bebe!?!?!??