Friday, November 2, 2007

Morning Time

This morning Kevin commented on how he never thought that Matthew would be waking us up. I agree and could not be more pleased with this new progression in our lives. One of my biggest fears (mostly because I did not know) was whether Matthew would know what do once he was released from this cage - errr, I mean, crib.

My worries were unfounded. They ranged from would be he know where to go? Would he wander off down the hall into darkness, become scared and cry? Would he fall down the staircase lost in the darkness? Would he never stay in that bed of his from the moment we tried to put him down at night until he awoke in the morning? It seems he has learned the rules some how, some where by the grace of god (or day care...) He's figured out that staying in bed is what you do at night even if you are not ready to sleep - also, you only come out of bed to find mommy and daddy after you have slept a long time OR you feel like crap because you have a little head cold and cuddling is a good cure for said head cold. And most importantly, he only comes to our room and does not wander off - for now (though I can envision clanking cereal bowls and spilled milk being in not so distant future!)

The truth be known I think this new freedom has helped Matthew to sleep better. He is more in control of his own destiny and lord only knows my son likes to control his own destiny. He can get into and out of bed to turn the light switch on and off, close and open the door and most importantly come into our room in the morning. While this may sound like torture to some, it is a good thing for various reasons.

It actually works to our advantage in that Matthew usually gets US up and out of bed in the morning else wise I would bitching here about constantly being late for work. World's cutest human alarm system!!! It is likely that Matthew was always up at this time but he either had to scream and cry for us to come get him OR would just lay there until he was rescued like some prince in a castle from his prison. And it is really pretty adorable to see my ruffled haired boy come in scratching at his half closed eyes, dragging that blue blanket behind a la Linus whispering 'Mommy, mommy you awake?'

This morning Kevin got out of bed 1st to shower right away after Matthew came in. Matthew was so excited - he ran around to the other side of the bed and said 'I gonin sleep on Daddy's side' while crab crawling up the side of the bed. He huddled in and I covered him. He was immediately amused by Santana and Lucy both being under the covers and tickled their feet, poking and prodding - neither were happy - I was amused! Then he laid back down again and said 'mommy cover me up' so I did. Silence and a few moment passed then he was up for good - 'Mommy I want to watch Thomas and a waffle, pease.' as he ambled over all of us off the other side of the bed and down the hall... I happily stumbled after him. I can think of no better way to get up each morning and I was smiling the whole way down that hall.


Tessie said...

This is encouraging. The Big Kid Bed stresses me out.

Welcome to our World said...

yeah, I would just go with the flow on the big kid bed. We tried one time and gave up but once he realized the implications he was all over it! Seriously I was SO nervous about potty training and big kid bed but it turns out they are only what you make 'em. If you stress out, these will be stressful things, if you just take it in stride it will be all good!