Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Top Ten

In looking for things to write about I happened upon a post that caught my attention here. Rockin' the Suburbs wrote about 10 favorite things and it has been awhile since I did a list so I thought WTH. I am always chasing this whole living the moment thing or as I like to refer to in my mind as "I am grateful for...". It is important to remind myself that all is good and right in life because it is very easy to feel it is not...

Here are my ten favorite things (right now!):
1. Sunshine in the fall trees - I love how the light catches the colors
2. Long cool walks on a winding path through the forest with Matthew and Kevin early on a fall morn
3. The smell of baked goods wafting through our house
4. A nice cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate (mmm, with marshmallows!)
5. Snuggling with Matthew any time, any place
6. Hearing Matthew say 'I love you mommy', and our fish lips kiss good night (he's a good hugger too!)
7. Oh always Matthew's hair after a bath (and even before the bath really - just that little boy smell!)
8. How I feel after a workout - that relaxed calm feeling
9. Experiencing something new with Matthew - that is just amazing... to see the wonder on his face, it is like being a kid all over again.
10. Taking deep breaths and acupuncture!

What about you?! Ten things, five things, 20 things... whatever - I am NOT strict!


Tessie said...

I ditto most of these things, with coffee possibly higher on the list than #4 :)

Also, campfires, beer and hotwings, and ADs face when I pick her up at daycare.

Welcome to our World said...

Ahh, I always love the face when picking the kiddo up - it is like seeing a Christmas tree light up the 1st time you put it on... except it is every day!

Welcome to our World said...

Oh and that was random order... I would like put coffee higher on the list too esp. if I had written that BEFORE I had my coffee yesterday morning!

Jen said...

A good book
Laughing with friends
Thanksgiving feast, yum yum
Weekend getaways
Lounging on the beach, in Jamaica preferably!