Wednesday, December 12, 2007


After a middle of the day weekend trip to Target this past weekend, I decided I was done with the stores. I have one person left to buy something for and it is my Dad and I am getting him Eddie Bauer stuff which I can buy and ship all on line.

Than I remembered another friend who just had a baby. She bought Matthew a beautiful rocking horse his 1st Christmas. This gift totally trumped anything else we bought and he loved that thing during the 1st two years of his life. Now granted at the time she was single and did not have kids but still... This may seem like a no-brainer but should I buy a gift for her little guy for his 1st Christmas? And if so, should I be extravagant (within reason of course) or just a simple gift?

Oh any ideas (I think Logan will be about 3 months old around Christmas)?



LoriD said...

I think anything will be appreciated. Perhaps you could get him a keepsake item, like a coin bank, a snow globe or a Bunnykins set.

Jen said...

Since Matthew loved the rocking horse could you get Logan something similar? I've seen cute rocking animals- like the rocking caterpillar. So cute! But I'm sure she'd love anything!

The Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Dove is a cute little toy too.

Welcome to our World said...

Thanks girls! Very helpful!

jennifer said...

I'm always a fan of the Everyday Easel from CM ;) But you knew I would say that, didn't you?!?

Annie said...

I agree with lorid. Good luck!