Friday, December 14, 2007


K left early this morning for Canada to see his mother. She is having round two of Chemo this week.

I am learning that there is nothing for sure when it comes to cancer. It can cause death and it can be "cured" with everything in between. I think K needs to see his mom just in case, for peace of mind & mostly out of love & fear. Those two definitely can get mixed up when it comes to cancer. Of course, K has always loved his mom but he also never doubted her life. She is only 59 years old and his own grandparents where a huge part of his child hood. At 59, he believed that she too would be a part of our children's lives for at least another 20-30 years. Now he has doubt. That sucks.

That is compounded by the guilt I think he feels for living far away, not being there to help both his mother and father. That is the other thing I am learning about cancer - we focus on the person who has the cancer but we forget about the partner/family members who are intimately living through this as well. If you know someone with cancer, look behind or next to them and remember to give your love to that person as well. While that person is not suffering the physical effects of cancer, they are still suffering in their own silent ways.

SO on that fluffy fun note... (sarcasm folks its how I deal... I am still trying to wipe the tears out of eyes so give me moment...) , M & I are going it solo this weekend. In the middle of a massive snow storm (or so says the weather people - they are ALWAYS wrong, right?!) Eh, whatever, we have plenty to do both in & out of the house.

I am going to try to get us out of the house early Saturday morning so we are not entirely home bound the whole weekend. There are plans to visit the library & the store so M can pick out a gift for his daddy. And if we do not get out, we will survive! I hoping for enough snow to take Matthew out and get our butts all wet sledding!!! Fingers crossed, fingers crossed!

I am looking forward to some one on one time with Matthew despite being tired round the clock. I finally got off my lazy exhausted butt last night & made dough for gingerbread & sugar cookies and I am actually excited to bake and decorate those. I still have a pile of recipes that I would like to make including a must have holiday treasure, Russian teacakes (I think others call them Mexican Wedding Cakes but we are more Eastern European so we like them to be Russian teacakes thankyouverymuch!) Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Nothing like confectioner's sugar and butter to make the holiday season seem just right.

Okay & in looking up a recipe for Russian teacakes I came across this website - I am all over this like snow on the ground. I am such a Christmas freak...

Besides baking, I am planning to put up the 2nd fake tree in the spare bed room (it is the only window that faces the street) to surprise Kevin when he gets back. I am sure there will be plenty of other merriment to be had as well like wrapping presents to put under the tree. Kevin has been hounding me about this for weeks!

Mostly I am excited to receive exclusively all of the hugs and love from M. Mind you, I do wish he would go to bed on time both nights but still...

Any exciting holiday plans for the weekend?


Tessie said...

We call them Russian Teacakes too. I LOVE THEM!

So sorry about your MIL.

I need to get my ass in gear with Christmas cards this weekend.

LoriD said...

They're calling for a big storm here too. I usually love a good storm, but I'm hosting a birthday party for 16 kids on Sunday, so I'm really hoping the weather report is wrong.

Hopefully everything goes well for your MIL. It would be really hard being far away when you wish you could be there for your parents.