Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Survival!

Just as an update, we had a lovely weekend, just Matthew & I.

I baked the cookies - Russian teacakes, Gingerbread men, Sugar cookies and Peanut Butter Blossoms. I need to decorate the middle two but I am pretty proud of myself for getting myself motivated enough to do this! I had plans for other cookies but these will do and with the large amounts of fat, sugar and general heart clogging items stuffed into my cupboard I do not think there is a need to make more. Think Moose Munch Tower from Harry & David which my brother sent... MMMMM... and cookies from Kelly and Saint Nicholas stuff and a Toblerone bar the size of my arm from Kevin's mom... AND EGG NOG IN THE FRIDGE... All I can say is that I am looking forward to EATING this holiday season!

Matthew and I played in the beautiful snow that fell on Saturday morning. Thankfully we did because after that it just rained and was all mucky and gross. We attempted to make a snow man but we were tired and cold so all we ended up with was a mound of snow - Matthew thought it was a snowman and I did not tell him it was not so we are ALL good.

We hit the library during the snow "storm" and that was fun except at the end when we both had to pee. Matthew went first which is good and fine and I did not want to drag a dripping pee smelling child to the car BUT then I went to pee and Matthew ran out the door leaving me standing there with my zipper down, literally. I zipped up and chased after him. I said "mommy has to pee, BADLY." Dang it, HOW how do you tell a 2 yr old that the pregnant lady CANNOT wait to pee, she needs to do it NOW. He did not care about this. He thought it was a get this... a JOKE?! SO I said "we have to leave because Mommy HAS to pee." That was the choice. He could come with me to the bathroom or we leave. He did not like the choice and thought it was a personal slight to his intelligence. He wanted to ride the Elevator and take the stairs back down over and over and over again... That was a scene. I am quite certain all the people lumbering through the entry way to the library were unimpressed with my public parenting skills BUT DAMMIT I had to pee!

All went well beyond that. We had hot chocolate from Starbucks, ate blueberry muffins and played the rest of the day away.

Sunday dawned with more snow but I was pooped. I was glad Kevin was coming home and I would just get a little rest from this parenting gig (I will also be happy to leave the tiredness of the 1st trimester...) We made towers and drew pretty pictures. We went to Kohl's so Matthew could pick out his "secret" gift for Kevin, slippers. We bought him snow boats as well ($15.99, down from $35!!) and played with the toys. He was such a good boy at Kohl's. He stood by my side while we waited to check out and helped put the stuff on the counter. He beamed when the checkout person said "my aren't you a good little helper!"

Mean while there was a little boy about Matthew's age and his baby sister who was maybe 6 months old strapped into a car seat with FOUR adults who were seemingly very competent. That little boy was a maniac. He was running every where and his tired, irritated mother was chasing him around while the father & grandfather just watched?! Matthew said "Mommy that little boy is running EVERY where" I said "yes honey he is and you are being a very good boy." He hugged me. I am so glad for Matthew and it made the scene in the library just melt away. Generally it was a lovely weekend and I am buoyed by the fact that there is only ONE week left in my work week for the year! I am excited for Christmas - I feel almost the way I did when I was kid because of the heady excitement Matthew appears to be feeling and that makes me infinitely happy!

Also, Matthew is in L-O-V-E with ballet. He told he wants to be a ballerina over the weekend, no prompting from me. It made me laugh. We have a local magazine with ballerinas on the front and he stares so hard I think he believes he will fall into those photos. He asks me to dance like a ballerina then we both dance (yeah we look totally dorky) and generally ballet seems to have caught his imagination. Every little girl dressed up in magazines & books has become either a ballerina or a princess. I wish this obsession would have come a little sooner so I could have bought tickets to the Nutcracker (my all time fav - every Christmas we went to the SF or Oakland Ballet and watched it, me on the edge of my seat!) I have this feeling his mini obsession with ballet will be short lived so I am just enjoying it while it lasts. Sigh.


Tessie said...

That peeing thing is a constant dilemma ever since AD started to walk. How do you keep her from escaping while you're on the can? I wouldn't put it past her to go right under the stall door, although it hasn't happened yet.

Welcome to our World said...

Ah, usually Matthew waits patiently especially since he is older now but when he was younger I usually sought out places like Target with their family bathroom that has a lock so he could not escape. I was a bit traumatized by the things he would touch while we were in there but whatever.

Otherwise I would just hold it... but being pregnant has made this holding thing a bit more of an issue. The problem with this bathroom was it had one of those long handles that if you pulled down on it, it would unlock the door??!! so he could just run off.

Now that I think about it I should have just dumped the load of books in front of door... Although I would have been caught with my pants down literally when he figured out how to shove the books to side... sigh.

I would NEVER be a good single parent, I tell ya!

K and J's mom said...

That was YOU at the library?? ha ha ha. Just kidding! Sounds like a fiasco but all the parents in the place completely understood, I bet. I love that he loves ballet! How sweet!!

LoriD said...

Aw. That story in Kohl's is just sweet. My baby will hear another kid whining or crying in a store and say with big, wide eyes: "someone's fussing!"