Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Salt & Vinegar

I have been trying to do a rather unscientific study on morning sickness. Considering I do not have it "that bad" (knock on wood...), I figure I will sacrifice my body to science. Mild as my morning sick is, it is still morning sickness. And really a guy must of thought that one up? Right?

I mean morning sickness is such an evil misnomer and I had I not been through this before and scanned some of the literature and vaguely recalled morning sickness, we can be rest assured there is nothing morning about this sickness. In fact for me, mornings are quite lovely. Especially since I have basically given up on several attempts to wittingly or unwittingly stop drinking coffee. THAT was hell on earth for me TWICE in four weeks so no more - 1/4 of a cup just to stave off the evil almost barf inducing headache is just fine for me and my unborn kidney bean - that is according the Babycenter anyway - I liked the blueberry reference from last week better!

Yeah so where was I? Oh so morning sickness. How about Hormonal Hell? Too scary, huh? 24/7 sickness? I want to lay down and die right here in the middle of Target sickness? QUICK where's the bathroom sickness? Well, I guess morning sickness it is. I still like Hormonal hell the best but whatever.

For me, it is late afternoon and evenings and also any time I "forget" to eat. Which may seem weird but it is something I have always done. I will eat my lunch say and bring a pile of snacks but get caught up working so the next thing I know I feel like that dinosaur that attacks the people in Jurassic Park. It is horrible and generally leads to the morning sickness becoming much worse than it would have been had I just stopped long enough to stuff something into my mouth.

The sucky thing about morning sickness for me this time around is my total avoidance of all things sweet. Just the mere thought of sweets kind of makes my tummy feel a tad bit funny. Don't get me wrong I have been eating sweets as well but not with the thrill I did of say some fries or chips. Mostly I eat sweets if I cannot find the chips or fries. Like they are second fiddle when they used to be the conductor in my life... Nothing like having no desire for sweets at the holidays...

Also, I am noticing a slight issue with drinking water. Something I normally do a lot. I forgot that with Matthew I actually gagged down water the first trimester and mostly drank apple juice (which I can hardly smell now because of that...) I am trying with all the fiber of my being to drink water but I just cannot seem to get it down...

For me, I have noticed the best thing to fight morning sickness is salt. I crave salt but not all salt is equal BUT salt does seem to equalize me. The minute I have it, the morning sickness subsides. The salt on french fries from Wendy's - good. Grilled cheese sandwiches - Bad. Cheese & crackers - good. Toast with tons of butter - Bad. SALT & VINEGAR CHIPS - MMMM MMM GOOD. Tipping the salt shaker into my nauseous mouth - good & bad. Okay I have not really done that but I have thought about it.

Really the bad thing about all of these salty foods... none of the items mentioned are very healthy for the old body. Considering I was swollen to the size of a Good Year blimp by the time I gave birth to Matthew and likely 15-20 lbs of my weight gain last time had to do with water weight gain... well salt is not the best thing. BUT for now I will enjoy the salty goodness of those salt & vinegar chips because man they quiet the hormonal anger that is brewing in my belly!


Tessie said...

One of the pregnancy books I read called it "progesterone poisoning". I like that one. Sounds about right to me.

Welcome to our World said...

Ha! I love it... though it would be even better if it was testosterone so I could blame the male species for something else that makes me feel like crap ;)

Jen said...

Mmmmm salt! It's been my personal fav too. I also could not drink water at all when I had the all-day-sickness so I burned myself out on Vernors. Ugh- can't even think of that drink now without wanting to gag!

AndreAnna said...

I keep craving cookies! Or maybe I just like cookies and can justify eating them in mass quantitites because I am pregnant. LOL

When are you due?