Friday, January 11, 2008

Hi Dinosaur!

Matthew has been developing quite an imagination over the past few months which also includes increased fears - both aspects of this evolving personality are interesting. We are sort of winging it on how to deal with this stuff.

I love the imagination side of things. I had a crazy imagination as a kid. I mean I can vividly remember the stories I made up in my head and really that imagination carried me through the some times troublesome family times I experienced. I would imagine being an Olympic swimmer and I swear it made me swim with reckless abandon, I was even kind of good for awhile back in the day. I would imagine I had horses and a whole stable in my back yard. In fact, the back yard was a place I imagined many things. I rarely watched TV so mostly I was left to my imagination both by myself and with my little friends down the street, Monica and Lara. One particular memory that stands out from when we were still living in Upstate NY and I was about 4. I thought that when I went to bed, my family took off their human suits and became gorillas. SO I asked my mom one morning if I could check to see if she was wearing a mask. She was not, thankfully (pfeww I knew you are wiping your brow to find this out!)

Matthew suddenly sees dinosaurs everywhere in our house. He does not like to go into the basement without one of us present because there are dinosaurs down there. Sometimes there are nice ones and other times they are mean. The mean ones are scary. In his room at night he will tell me 'Mommy there is a dinosaur in here." So I ask if it is nice or mean - if he says mean I scare the dinosaur out of the room and tell him I chased it away and locked the front door. Then he will tell me that he is sleeping with a nice dinosaur.He woke up the other morning and out of blue said "I slept with a nice dinosaur all night momma!"

This morning we were playing before leaving for work and he wanted one of his Bob the Builder characters from downstairs. He said "Mommy I go get them. You stay here and play. I be RIGHT back." So I waited and I heard him calling as he went down the stairs "Hi Dinosaur. Hi nice dinosaur. I just here for my Dizzy." It was just cute and I know if he wants to he can conquer the fears. Some times we run and chase the mean dinosaurs away and than a nice one will appear. Overall, I just play into the dinosaur game because he likes being both scared and protected by his imaginary dinosaur friends. Whether that is right or wrong, I figure it is what it is and I am doing the best I can.

On a different note, the past few months, Matthew has taken to memorizing whole books or portions of books and spouting out the random lines from them. Like some pint sized comedian, he will lurch around shrieking "swab the decks" or "my what fetching garments!" (all from a book we checked and rechecked out from the library called Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies.) He even read a book backwards to himself the other day. It made me laugh but also it amazes me that this little person who was so helpless seemingly just moments ago (has it really been TWO whole years?!?!) can suddenly look at the picture and remember the exact words on the page. He also more frequently asks what something says and asks that I point at the word while I tell him what the word says. I am getting the sense that Matthew would like to unlock the secret to reading so he can do it by himself even though he still likes Mommy to read to him as well.

There is a negative to this line memorization thing. This whole swab the decks thing has gotten out of hand! While it was kind of endearing at first, he has started doing it at people, in particular, the kids from daycare, his little friends. Ekk. He shrieks in their faces and adds to that particular line other lines that make it even more menacing. We have taken to telling him that he can say the lines to us at home but he should not/cannot yell them to people repeatedly all day long (poor Kelly... sorry!)

I am glad for his love of reading, that he is so bound to books & reading and loves books dearly (again sorry Kell, I know he would make you read all day if he could...) He gets hung up on rips in books from the library - repeatedly asking why and who did that to the book! But good lord, why can't he remember the lines from sweet books like Good Night Moon (ack what am I saying... this is by far and away my least favorite children's book on the planet - I know I am probably the only human on the planet who thinks this but OY I do not look forward to reading that one again!) or Barnyard Dance or Guess How Much I Love You???

SO go swab the decks till ya come to yer senses mateys!


K and J's mom said...

That is soo cute..."Hi Dinosaur! I'm just here to get my Dizzy." I can hear him saying that!!! K recites lines from books and songs alot too. It cracks me up. She just said "My toof is moose!" (Her adaptation of "my tooth is loose" from Little Bear of course!) And the other day, she said to Daddy, "Hi Uncle Rusty!" (another line from LB). Her fave book quotes come from "Mouse Mess" and "The Foot Book" right now. Two can be sooo much fun! Oh! (Look at how chatty I am today!). I wanted to tell you when she woke up this morning she said, "I went to Matthew's house in your car, Mommy!" Apparently Matthew was in her dreams. Too cute!!

Welcome to our World said...

I do love this age more than I ever could have imagined! I mean I knew it would be great from being around my niece when she was this age. It was so much fun and I get immersed in it!

That is funny that she dreamed about Matthew - TOO cute! You all are always welcome. We should have another shin dig soon!

I like when you are chatty!!! It is a good thing! I only saw Jack yesterday crossing the road back to your house in Kelly's arms but he looks like he is getting BIG! Whoa!