Wednesday, March 26, 2008

* "It rains nine months a year in Seattle"

We made it back from Seattle, more specifically Mukilteo/Everett area. It was fun to see my parents and brother. However, it was a short LONG trip. The time change and being pregnant combined with an almost 3 year old kicked my butt!

We had great weather for Seattle this time of year (or so we were told...) It only rained on Sunday but otherwise we had breathtaking views of the snow capped mountains and the sound.

I have to rave about the hotel we stayed at. It was right in Mukilteo and called the Silver Cloud Inn. It was lovely. The rooms were big, clean and practically brand new with great service overall. It was right on the border of being a bed and breakfast but not quite. The views were breathtaking and we were right on the beach with the trains going by behind us and the ferries coming and going all day long in front of us. My son's dream location basically! Okay and I was totally wooed by the Aveda products they had in the room!

We visited a park/farm in Bellevue, the Children's Museum and Seattle Aquarium and took a drive onto the ferry out on Whidby Island on the rainy morning. Otherwise, we hung out with the parents and my brother. Matthew got to color eggs at Oma's house and my mom cooked a yummy meal. Matthew had not one but two egg hunts on Easter morning and was thrilled to find out the Easter bunny could visit a hotel room! My dad cooked a big meal for Easter and we just hung out at their house the afternoon. All in all it was a good trip but I definitely glad to be done traveling for the duration of this pregnancy.

I was pretty sick on the very bumpy plane ride into Indianapolis yesterday afternoon (it was really windy apparently...) I never get sick on planes and the only other time I have felt this sick on a plane was flying when I was first pregnant with Matthew so pregnancy and flying do not mix well for me. It was good to come home, get the dogs and try to get some rest before coming to work this morning. I still need to get groceries and do a ton of laundry but whatever we will eventually. I will try to post photos tonight or tomorrow night.

Oh and we bought a laptop and what we need to network the laptop to the desktop from my brother's computer shop! We are excited to get that in the coming weeks! I cannot tell you how nice it will be to have easy access to a computer that we can move around especially while I am out on maternity leave and will be trying to do some work.

Today, I have an OB appt. - mostly I am nervous to step on the scales after the non stop junk food fest we had while in Seattle. UGH...

Coming up, Kevin and Matthew will be traveling without me in two weeks so Matthew can see his other set of Grandparents in a couple of weeks. I am staying home to have a weekend on my own. I had little desire to do the trip esp. since supposedly his parents are also planning to drive down for Matthew's birthday two weeks later (grumble grumble grumble...) I am sad to miss traveling with Matthew which seriously I love - he is great at it and has such a great perspective on things that we as adults never see! Plus I will just miss my boys tremendously.

On the bright side, I have a hair and acupuncture appt. planned! And I am considering a pedicure as well! I am hoping to get to the big city to do some summer maternity clothes shopping (as well as little girl clothes shopping!!!) After talking with Kelly this morning, I think we may hit up the local theater this weekend to see a movie.

Other than that we are back! Hip hip hooray!

* The line is from Sleepless in Seattle in case you are wondering...


Shades of Gray said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. Matthew talked about the trip all through lunch. ;)

Maybe the Saturday that your boys are gone we could have a "Girl's Pedicure Day" since I was talking about getting one that weekend, too. ;)

Pickles & Dimes said...

I would love to visit Seattle someday - can you post some pics so I can live vicariously through you? :)

I once rode on an extremely turbulent plane ride back from Tennessee. It was awful. I kept my lunch from coming back up, but JUST BARELY.

Welcome to our World said...

Kelly - OOOHHHH Can we??!! Let's make plans to do that since I do not have any as of yet!

P&D - Seriously plane rides like that make me realize how little I like the uncertainty of air travel yet I love to travel so I doubt I will stop any time soon! I will post tonight, I PROMISE!

K and J's mom said...

Sounds like a great trip! I too, would love to travel out there sometime. I look forward to your pictures!!!

melissa said...

Glad you guys had a good trip! I still think it's funny that we were there at the same time!

Don't forget about our clothing swap that weekend!