Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shiny happy people

A spaghetti squash! That is supposedly how big Princess pancake is this week. Mmmm, I like spaghetti squash and that just makes me look forward to working on the garden over the coming weeks. As well as welcoming Spring in especially after contemplating the idea of building Noah's Ark the past two days! I have no idea how much rain we had. We did not get near as much as locales in MO but enough for me to contemplate an ark...

Oh and here is this lovely and exciting thing to look forward too (?) from "Being interested in the differences between girls and boys is a normal part of growing up. Try not to react with shock or horror if you find your child in the midst of an anatomy check with another child. Just let both children know that penises and vaginas are kept private and steer them toward another activity. They'll probably be relieved, since they may already have some sense that the game they were playing is taboo." I keep trying to think what might be more fun to deal with THIS or the birds/bees talk?!

Moving on... Yesterday ended up being a bad day and I kept thinking whose karma did I mess with anyway!? I mean seriously this indigestion, reflux hellishness... it is no fun. I went home yesterday for two hours to take a nap and napping was not even an option because lying in the semi prone position made me even more ill. I ended up sleeping propped up at a 90 degree angle. BUT I got a nap in which was much needed.

Besides the massive stomach pains, I STILL cannot sleep. And 3 hours a night makes me a little teeny bit out of sorts. Like you know SOBBING in front of my boss out of sorts. WEEE... I called my midwife and she told me no more Tums. Try Mylanta and if all else fails try Pepcid or Zantac. I am kind of head strong about medicine when pregnant to the point where that little head cold a few weeks back probably lasted longer and was worse then it should have been because I just did not want to take any medicine for it. I am trying the Mylanta and holding off on the Pepcid but I am still in a ton of pain right now so tonight before bed I am planning to try the Pepcid per the midwife's advice. K said I probably have an ulcer - hmm, way to make the paranoid pregnant wife feel better, hon!

She also offered up relief in the form of Unisom. Okay talk about a freak out thing to take when pregnant for me but I tried it last night because I am totally unbelievably desperate for a good night's rest. I need to sleep. For me, for M, for K. For my poor boss as if she does not have enough to deal with... HALP. I slept last evening. I was up once last night to use the bathroom and went right back to sleep. And lo, I woke up refreshed. I am going to use the Unisom only when totally desperate so tonight I will try again without it and see how it goes. I am hoping the Unisom helped to break the wake up and lie in bed awake till the wee hours of the morning cycle.

On a fun note, Miss Pancake likes to kick in the evening around 10p and I will generally invite Kevin to feel the kicks. Up until last night he could not feel much. Last night he could feel it all! K just had a look on his face of sheer delight! Love that! She is also a mover and shaker in the morning around this time. And finally just after lunch. SO she likes to eat and stay up late. At least she and her brother will have that in common from the get go ;)

Another silly thing, M wakes up from time to time in the night or early morning. He will shout for one of us (thankfully K popped up at 5:30a to tend to him this morning) and M will tell us tearfully that his arm or leg is "shiny". Now at 1st I was like shiny wha?? I mean his arm/leg looked perfectly normal to me - no shine at all! Finally we figured out that his body parts are asleep as in tingly from being slept on for hours. Because this kid can find some amazingly acrobatic positions to sleep in. Every evening we have taken to going in before going to bed ourselves and checking on him. I absolutely adore doing this. It is just sweet to see his little mouth puckered up and his arms and legs flung all over, blanket in hand. SO yeah shiny... we told him the word was tingly but he likes shiny so there you go.


AndreAnna said...

I know how you feel about taking meds, but Unisom is just benadryl with a different name. Totally safe and great for sleeping. But I tend to wake up a little foggy so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

As for the heartburn (incubator hellfire), HELLS YEAH it sucks! And I started the Pepcid because I was crying to my OB, and he says it's totally safe and even has his pregnant wife on it, so not to worry. Even though saying not to worry to a pregnant lady is useless, LOL

LoriD said...

Awww. My kids call it feeling "sparkly".

I love the Baby Center advice. Maggie loves to pull Bart penis whenever he lies down to get his hair washed in the tub... she thinks it's hilarious.

melissa said...

Aw! Shiny! That is precious!

Have you cut citrus foods/juice out of your diet? Early on when I was pregnant with C I had some wicked heartburn. Finally I realized that the lemon drops I was sucking on to combat nausea were causing me heart burn troubles. Stopped eating those and drinking orange juice and the heart burn went away.

I took Unisom when I was pregnant with L and really sick during the first trimester. Though I totally understand the hesitancy to take drugs. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Oh yea, don't worry about crying in front of your boss! I did with both of my pregnancies on more than one occasion over REALLY stupid things. Despite both of my bosses being men they handled it really well and didn't seem to mind that I couldn't even get out complete thoughts without tearing up and letting go in all out sobs!

Jen said...

I was a fan of pepcid when I was pregnant- it really does help a ton! I had really bad heartburn with the little guy.

Matthew is so cute! What a great way to describe it.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Aw, "shiny"! Love it!

My friend's nephew got his first taste of a carbonated beverage (pop) and afterwards, smacked his lips and said, "That's spicy!"

Smartphone said...
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K and J's mom said...

Yeah, at some point you just gotta get over the whole "no meds" thing and take care of yourself. You gotta get sleep, retain food and water, and keep yourself on some level of the sanity plane while not only pregnant, but just being a mom in general. Sometimes meds are just necessary. Good for you for taking care of yourself!

Mandy said...

like lorid .. my son says "sparkly" too .. at first I thought he was talking about something having to do with Thomas the Train and the "sparkle" they need ... anyway, thanks for reminding me why I hated being pregnant!!!!!