Monday, April 21, 2008

Beautiful Moment

My favorite moment of many over the past three days occurred yesterday morning at the Outlet Mall.

I was in the dressing room of Motherhood Maternity trying to find a dress. I discovered I hate dresses even more pregnant then I do when I am not pregnant. Dresses are and have always been the bane to my existence. In a word, I do not like them. Cute on every other woman on the planet but me? Run screaming from the back fat, arm fat, and OMG she is too short to be wearing THAT dress thing. Any who, I need a dress for a wedding reception we are going to next month. And I had limited time in the Motherhood Maternity outlet. I heard K come in talking to M about finding Mommy. I opened the changing room door and was wearing the dress I ended up buying. M spotted me and brightly said "Mommy you look soooo beautiful!" (followed by ahhs from the ladies in the store ;)

Made my heart melt just a little bit more after a weekend of melting moments!

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