Friday, April 18, 2008


Earthquake!!!!! Wait where do I live? Oh yeah that is Indiana, NOT California any more. It has literally been a dozen years give or take a year or two since I felt a quake!

This morning Kevin and I were rattled out of bed by a 5.4 earthquake, IN CENTRAL INDIANA! OH MY. Really it was not a huge deal but enough to get me up and out of bed. It was 5:38. I checked the house. We (being NOT me) just painted Baby Pancake's room last evening so I checked in there... for what? I do not know. I thought all those exposed light sockets? Actually my first words to Kevin were "Do you think it was wind?" Even though in the back of my head I was thinking earthquake and also it was a perfectly still quiet clear night...

I got up and wandered the house turning lights on outside to see if I could see anything. Our neighbors pretty much suck in the car department. They have about nine diesel trucks because they own a contracting company and for awhile they had someone staying with them who drove a flat bed tow truck which was parked in front of their house each morning... Okay seriously that sound worse then it is. They are really nice and they do not park on their grass (much) and they keep their house cute and clean. I digress.

I rationalized that it must have been one of those trucks starting up and driving (past our house for 30 seconds rattling the windows and bed very consistently!) away. Then I went back to bed. Kevin's (stupid, most hated) alarm clock went off at 6:05a and the dj's were saying 'yes we can confirm that was an earthquake you felt!' I woke Kevin up and we sat and watched the news until Matthew came in about 10 minutes later.

Oddly enough I was like OHHH earthquake! I told Kevin that it is strange that tornadoes scare the crap out me but earthquakes, eh not so much. I am a weirdo.

Jennifer: Do you remember the BIG quake in '89!? I remember driving around in Sherri's car eating cake frosting (ugh and also ummm why???) and looking for damage. What thrill seekers we were back then...

To the rest, have you been in an earthquake before? If so when, where, and what is your memory of it? My biggest quake was definitely the '89 earthquake but I have a million quake stories that I will not make you read because gaw who wants to read my natural disaster stories!

Time to get ready for the zoo. Have a great day!


melissa said...

The kids and I slept through it. I'm almost a little bummed that I didn't feel it because it's what everyone is talking about today. I feel a little left out (sniff, sob, sob)! Jason felt it though and thought it was one of the dogs scratching themselves against the bed.

LoriD said...

No earthquakes for me. The most we've ever had is a little after-shock tremor that rattled the windows, but nothing else.

I'm with you on tornados. They scare the crap out of me.

jennifer said...

Totally remember that like it was yesterday! Weren't you in the pool at the time? I was watching the World Series, of course :) I also lived in Santa Barbara during the LA Quake & was effected by that also - lost power & got free ice cream from the grocery stores that couldn't do anything but give it away! It was kind of cool in a surreal way because we would watch the aftershocks hit LA area & then wait about 10 seconds for it travel up the coast and ride it out; knowing it was coming made it easier to handle & almost fun :)

Pickles & Dimes said...

Weird! One of the other bloggers I read also had an earthquake.

Glad you're all OK.