Monday, April 7, 2008

"We home now."

I enjoyed my weekend in degrees. I was distraught over the fact that I seem to be increasingly sick despite the fact that time I am taking more and more medicine in order to feel better. One positive: the ripping roaring pounding brain blistering headache I had the first three days seems to be gone (KNOCK ON WOOD). This too shall pass but please let this pass quickly because seriously I have been in tears all morning because this is week #4 or 5 of feeling like complete shit for various reasons. I am also trying with all of my being to not feel sorry for myself so I am moving on from this topic.

I had an acupuncture appt. that was short and nice (and seriously TMI but she is like the anecdote to constipation...)

I had a hair appt. Chopped my hair - I like it okay - I wish I had a hairdresser with more experience but whatever. The best part of the appointment was the massage thing she did when she shampooed my hair!

I had a pedicure and the company of uplifting women to brighten my afternoon!

I cleaned my house a bit. Dusted, vacuumed, cleaned some windows. Not near as much as I hoped to accomplish but again whatever.

I stared blankly at the TV, watching hours of HGTV just because I could.

I slept in relatively speaking till 8:00a both Saturday and Sunday.

I spent most of both weekend afternoons out in the yard, gardening, cleaning up the winter debris, & LOVING the new dog poop composter... will explain that one another day! Letting the sun soak into my winter white skin.

I stayed up the wee hours of the night watching bad TV for no good reason.

I did the laundry.

I exchanged baby clothing with Melissa - thank you! You rock MM!!! I wish I could have contributed more to your pile!

I went grocery shopping and bought some stuff I needed at Clinque.

The best & brightest spot was coming home from groceries to my beaming boys. M laughed, screamed & jumped up and down. He was shaking all over. He could not even make it up the stairs, I ran down to him. He hugged me so tight and that felt so good. He said "Mommy we home. We see Grandma and Grandpa. We home now." He smiled, held my face in his hands and kissed my cheek. "I am drawing. Wanna see?" I said 'yes' and let M lead me.

He looked different to me - more grown up, he seemed bigger, more well spoken, excited about all his "stuff". Wanting to share all his thoughts as quickly as possible so he did not forget anything that he wanted to tell me. I smiled with tears in my eyes.

I thought how so very glad they were home and I was not alone any more because man it was nice but oh so hard to miss two people you love so much. I hope everyone had a weekend as glorious and joyous as mine!

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