Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A night out at 'The OG'

Can I just start by reminding you LIKE you might need reminding that I am pregnant? Matthew's 3 year appt is TOMORROW. BUT at least I reminded you all to make your appointments - just be sure to write down the right date on the calendar especially if you keep more then ONE calendar. SO tomorrow I have 3 year appt at 8:30a and glucose testing at 11:00a. Gawrsh (I seriously fell back in love with Goofy after our Disney adventure earlier this year), aren't I living on the edge these days?!

SO I found some charged rechargeable batteries and looked at the photos on the camera. Kevin took this camera with him to his sister's graduation and seriously there were like 65 photos and I would say maybe 10 were good shots. The rest were of the podium before the graduation started and also of his sister's puppy and cat's noses. I wondered how on earth the lens of the gazillion dollar camera got all smeared and smudged and I totally had to wipe it with a bit of wet cloth. I am not sure if this right or not but I did it. At least now I know why it looked like crap! I swear Kevin is like a 3 year old with a camera... maybe worse!

Last evening I was swollen and tired. I made Kevin touch my calf on the way to pick Matthew up from Kelly's and he recoiled his hand like he had touched a deadly snake. 'Oh Gross.' Gee, thanks lovey. I know I am not at the pinnacle of sexiness or anything but ah you may want to temper the reaction a bit. In all seriousness it was kind of gross. My calves were rock hard and not in the physically fit sort of way. It was just yucky.

When we got to Kelly's house, Matthew was right fired up to go out to eat. 'Mommy can we eat out? At a restaurant. PLUESSSE' I consented. The thought of making dinner and standing and generally being creative in the kitchen made me feel a little out of sorts. SO off we went to Olive Garden (by Matthew's request though not his initial request - he wanted to eat at Cracker Barrel which made feel worse then thinking about cooking a meal at home!)

I believe we should buy stock in the 'OG' and Starbucks because this where we spend a majority of our time when we go out anywhere. Matthew is totally programmed. He could do a commercial easily without even having to learn lines. He even asked for some hot chocolate from Starbucks after we finished eating.

At the OG, we got our seats and did the whole evacuate the table three times to go potty. Finally we were settled. Matthew just loves this place. He loves the crayons and he now orders his own drinks & food. "Water and milk, please" grinning at the pretty waitress.

She came to take our order and before we could even start Matthew piped up. "I would like chicken, broccoli, bread sticks and soup, PLuuuse!" Again that flirty little smile. The young waitress smiled at him, I do not think she expected an answer to her next question but she went along with it. "What kind of soup do you want?" Matthew looked right into her eyes and said "Minestrone, pluuuse." She about fell over laughing. She said 'OMG that is a kid who knows what he wants. I have never heard a kid that young know the soups, etc... so well.' I just grinned stupidly and after she walked away I mumbled if only you knew how many times we have eaten here in Matthew's three short years of life!

Needless to say Matthew hardly ate a bit (of course...) but he sure had fun ordering it. And being silly the whole time we were there. He enjoyed his mint with letters on it at the end the most. I used to think eating out with kids would be torture but I seriously LOVE it. Matthew totally gets a kick out of it and I guess we eat out infrequently enough that he is fairly well behaved. Any rate, I have no idea how to wrap this post up so BYE!


AndreAnna said...

Sorry you're not feeling good. I hope I'm not following you, I'm at work and in heels today so I assume I'll be a giant swollen sausage tonight. HAWT.

Welcome to our World said...

Ha ha. Isn't that cute? The swollen leg thing? One thing about being pregnant in the summer that I am totally looking forward to is not having to wear socks AT ALL. That was horrible when I was pregnant with Matthew. I would have the details of the socks imprinted on my feet and legs! AND no shoes really fit besides running shoes (barely) and these icky Adidas sandals I normally wear to pick up dog poop. Now that is HAWT!

melissa said...

How fun that he will order his own food! Lily gets too shy when we're out to eat and won't talk to the servers.

Welcome to our World said...

I think he is shy about them at first but he SO wants to be charge that will take over and he quickly over comes it the minute on of us tries to order for him. There is some translation involved here as well ;)