Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doctors, nurses and scales - OHMY!

Quick late in the day post. SO we finally made it to the Pediatrician for M's 3 year appt. Of course, we were late... which is totally my fault. Whatever.

M did not want to get on that scale. AT ALL. He said no and almost threw a fit right in the hallway of the abnormally quiet physician's office! The nurse and I tried everything to no avail. SO back to the room we went to talk about M. Type of milk, sleeping habits (bah), etc. The nurse then tried to coax him back on the scale. First M has his blood pressure checked. I cannot be sure if this was a ploy to get Matthew to trust her or if this is what they start doing at 3 years of age (let me know all you three year old mommas to be!) We finally got him on the scale after I got on it and we joked about putting his feet on the funny red feet like a puzzle.

Stats to date:
36 lbs (75-95th percentile)
39 inches (75-95th percentile)

The nurse checked his numbers on the big boy chart (SOB) but she also showed me that the percentile would be no different if they put it on the baby chart. Basically nothing has changed with M. He has always been in this same percentile since birth.

He got all checked out and even did a somersault for Dr. F when she checked his back. He giggled a lot when she checked his body out and he even told her knock knock jokes! We had to complete the little plastic wipe-y card thing which we completed entirely! That was kind of cool though I did not get his "score" on this I suspect that just means he is smart as any three year old should be. I think his favorite part was jumping over the chart both ways. He thought that was pretty nifty! SO that was that.

He got his sticker and even said THANK YOU without being prompted! He also entertained the staff by telling them loudly that we were now going to Starbucks for a hot chocolate. The new mommy with the tiny baby sitting on the bench behind us said "Oh you have him trained well!" I agree (see The 'OG' post from yesterday!)

Now I am stuffing my face full of food. I had my glucose test this morning after the 3 yr appt. The test itself is not bothersome it is the NOT eating thing that almost drove me over the edge. I could feel my patience running low, I had to bite my lip twice once at Liz for being SO slow in getting into the room to see me for all of 39 seconds and for the scheduling lady who was chattering on the phone. I had to eat M's leftover Goldfish for fear I would swoon (ohhh the DRAMA) right there reading Redbook! They finally let me escape at 12:10p. I have been eating like a hog in heaven the past couple of weeks and the scale was SO kind to me this morning. It basically stayed the same from the last visit! That was pretty nifty! The bebe's heart rate was 130 which is also the same SO that was about it. Oh, the tech who took my blood told me I have beautiful veins. Well at least something on me looks beautiful!!!

Phwwww, do you feel better for knowing all of this?!?! OH AND they finally confirmed that indeed I am off to the races with visits every two weeks.

Now if only someone could explain why I keep having mini panic attacks, that would be lovely... Oy. I define a panic attack as I cannot breath and I feel like someone has put one of those stupid O2 masks over my mouth (oh how I hate thee claustrophobia mask from hell!) UGH. I am trying trying trying to breath and I do not feel like I am "in a panic" but apparently some part of my wee brain is feeling panic and letting me know this. Well back to the noshing I go...


Emily Headley said...

OMG you crack me up.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Too funny. Glad everything with you and Matthew checked out OK.