Monday, June 30, 2008

36 Weeks, 1 Day

I feel like crappy crap today. Ms. Baby Princess Pancake is hanging LO. Like lower then I ever ever ever remember Matthew being mostly because Matthew being Matthew was tucked up comfortably under my rib cage (sucking his thumb of course) and not even inducing that kid made him come down this low, I swear.

Last night, I slept from about midnight till 2:30p. Then I was up from 2:30 till oh say around 5:00a. I feel like Denise Richards (anyone else watch trashy E reality TV? OMG, my brain... I cannot tell if I am feeling dumber from having watched that show during Matthew's nap yesterday or being up half the night...) Any who, I really have no idea what time I finally fell back to sleep because I just stopped watching the clock. What woke me up at 2:30a? A contraction followed by cramp-y feelings followed closely by OMG is there ONE, just one for the love all that is good, ONE comfortable position this ever loving bed?!

Mostly now I am tired and I am really uncomfortable physically. This is my brain on pregnancy? Yeah that it is. Were you expecting some kind of cohesive thought on this post!? Bahahahaha...

Did I mention I have to use the ladies room every 2.3 seconds and I feel like if I do not 'go' in a "timely" manner there will be, er, issues? Like I should carry an extra set of clothing around with me.

I also have been a spaz in our house. I randomly have ten projects going. I went to look at the pile of photos from hell that has accumulated in the downstairs closet (from hell). I realized I had about 500 magazine stuffed down there. SO I went through the photos and the magazines. That took almost 2 hours of my life. I am in the process of putting together two photo albums, stuffed 500 photos in a third (and called it day) with 10 million other photos to be printed off and put somewhere.

I went through the 900 million toys that Matthew had when he was a baby and required batteries. What the hell were we thinking?! Most were actually gifts and I remember thinking please lord NO MORE TOYS WITH BATTERIES at one point. I dug out all of the batteries (even the ones that spewed battery acid everywhere from sitting out in the freezing cold/boiling heat of our garage back when we said 'one was enough...') We set up a battery charging station which is still processing 50 different kind of rechargeable batteries. Weeee! There are still four toys and a bouncer without batteries. I do not think we have enough rechargeable batteries despite the fact that we bought the power pack at Sam's two years ago.

I decided to clean the pile of pictures accumulated over the past two years that Matthew has made. It broke my heart to make a keep and throw away pile. Matthew saw Kevin taking the throw away pile out and wailed about it until I told him Daddy was putting it in the garage for safe keeping. WHAT?! Stop looking at me like that. I had to say something, it was right before bed and I kept most of the stuff. Much of what I got rid of was from BDLC or our house from when he first learned to use a crayon. I recycled much of the paper for use on the other side too. PLEASE STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT...

I believe but could be wrong that Matthew has hit a growth spurt. He has been eating like a fiend. Prior to this past week we had to fight to get him to eat his breakfast and/or dinner. He has suddenly taken to eating everything on his plate minus the veggies and the crusts of bread (which where did he learn about that?!) It has been pleasant even though I know it will not last forever. He has taken to falling down a lot and not on purpose.

The house gets cleaned today, thank goodness. One more day and I might have done it on my own.

We did NOT get the baby's room finished. Still lacking three main items plus shelves for the wall even though I spent a small fortune at Target on Saturday. Target does it again. Sucked me in with a list and spit me out with 12 random items I did not even KNOW I needed. I even heard a man say to his wife "oh honey I just remembered I need razors" and they turned back literally as they got to the check out area and were sucked back into the vortex known as Target. Do you think that big red bull's eye has some subliminal message in it?! Something like: Buy more items you do not need.


Texaspeanut said...

When I was in my last month of pregnancy with my daughter (now 9), the only comfortable sleeping position I could find was sitting sideways in the recliner, legs over one arm, head resting on back. I sleep in our recliner like that for the last three weeks.

AndreAnna said...

Someone once told me that newborns don't care what their room looks like.

I know the feeling of the mad dash to get it all done though.

Thank Heavens for our tempurpedic bed; otherwise, I'm sure I'd be sleeping even less.

Welcome to our World said...

TP~ I should try sitting up in the chair I am most comfortable in next time I cannot sleep. I did not even think of it!

AA~ I agree the baby has no idea about the room. Mostly this is my own issue, you know? With Matthew I kept thinking I will get his room done after and of course we never finished it. I am trying to be zen about this - if it does not get done, it does not matter... WAILLLLLLLLLL!

Jen said...

I watch that Denise Richard's's awful and delightful at the same time!

I think you are on to something with the target bulls eye. They always lure me into spending more with those back alley red stickered clearance items.

Hope you sleep better tonight!! :)

melissa said...

I think you've discovered Target's's all in the bullseye. It totally sucks me in too!

Welcome to our World said...

Jen~ Oh I am glad I am not the only one watching that horrid Denise Richards show. Good lord lordy!

Melissa~ Seriously Target freaks me out... I am generally proud of myself if I ONLY buy 1-2 items that were not on the original list! I never shop like this anywhere but Target!

K and J's mom said...

this is the time I had Kate..36 weeks by like three hours. Jack- he came next week in your timeline. mmm hmm...any day now girl!!